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going global

Currently, I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia, having recently repatriated to the USA after nearly four years living in Mbabane, in the southern African nation of Swaziland. I can work on-site for clients in the Atlanta metro area, and have the capability to work remotely for clients elsewhere in the USA and worldwide.

I am a member of several freelance work sites including Guru, UpWork, and PeoplePerHour, as well as a number of other sites which offer similar services. Watch your favorite freelancing site; you never know where I might turn up...!


Be sure to check the new information on my Contact page and update your records. The e-mail address will remain the same, but you can call me directly at my cell number without any long-distance phone charges, if you are in the USA. E-mail me if you need to make any other kind of contact arrangements.


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